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We are a sector-wide non-profit, non-political and all-inclusive member-based organization.Our goal is to engage and influence the agricultural-sector ‘public-policy-development’ for sustainable development outcomes, through sector policy analysis & research, public-private policy dialogue, participatory governance and capacity building in sector governance and development.Learn more

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  • A new dawn for irrigation in Kenya: a review of the proposed irrigation’s regulations 2020.

    Mr. George Nyamu (Head of Policy Division) Kenya has not fully developed her irrigation potential estimated at 1.342 million hectares. The country has only developed approximately 180,503 ha of irrigation which is about 13.5% of the potential. The land under irrigation accounts for 1.7 percent of total land area under agriculture, and contributes about 3% […]

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  • Agriculture as a fundamental nexus between nutrition and health

    By Mary Karigu (Manager, Gender and Youth) Did you know that agriculture have the potential to unlock health problems related to poor nutrition and ‘unhealthy’ food? The current human population is characterized by illness and diseases some of which are attributed to lifestyle.  Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart problems are now […]

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  • National dialogue on Agricultural policy framework

    By Mr. Charles Mbuthia (Head of Corporate Affairs Division) Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK) in partnership with the Agricultural Industry Network (AIN) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held a one day national conference dubbed ‘National Dialogue on Agricultural Policy Framework’. The objective of the conference was to discuss the status of the Agriculture Policy […]

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