AgCK members are broadly categorised into three membership categories as follows:

Steering member: Sits at the NSC representing a given cluster as identified above. Members under the steering cluster include, Member Number 1 to 13

Associate Member: Include members not directly involved in mainstream agriculture but supports agriculture in some form. Associate members include, Member Number 14 to 16

Affiliate member: This are independent organizations affiliated to any of the steering member

The members are clustered into the following clusters guided by the value chain node they operate in it for targeted engagement

  • Research Cluster: Husbandry, Technology based and Exploratory research
  • Public Policy Review Cluster
  • Development Agencies Cluster
  • Input Suppliers Cluster
  • Producers Cluster
  • Product Management Cluster
  • Commodity Exchanges Cluster
  • Processors Cluster
  • Marketers Cluster
  • Human Resource Development Cluster: Academia
  • People Living With Disabilities in Agribusiness Cluster
  • Youth in Agribusiness Cluster
  • Women in Agribusiness Cluster
  • Council of Governors Cluster
  • Financiers Cluster: MFIs, Insurance and Banks
  • Media Cluster