Narok County Launch For the Implementation of The Crops (Irish Potato) Regulations, 2019

The Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK) partnered with Narok County government to launch the implementation of the crops (Irish Potato) Regulations, 2019. The colorful and well attended event was held at Oloibot Primary School grounds in Nairagie Enkare Market and graced by His Excellency the Governor of Narok Samuel Kuntai Ole Tunai. Also in attendance were Farmers and their representatives from the various potato growing Wards, County Ministry Departments, Private Sector Partners and Agro- dealers.

The Governor, in his speech, urged farmers to become more organized by forming groups and getting registered as directed by the regulations.  Registration of farmers across the various commodities value chains is important, not only to implement the new regulations, but also to access other benefits he emphasized. The Governor, echoed his commitment to support the implementation of the Regulations gazetted in April, 2019 and assured farmers present that the enforcement of the law was being carried out across the entire nation.  He reiterated that Potato sale must henceforth be by weight (Kilogramme) and the maximum packaging 50kg. He spelt out the heavy fines to those found contravening the regulations and that farmers must also be willing to stand their ground and refuse to sell their produce in the extended bags.  He challenged farmers to work together to flush out and report those who continue selling in the extended bags.  He pointed out the importance of potato crop as one of the four major crops recognized in the county’s strategic plan for its role in the county’s food security

Farmers applauded the Governor’s commitment to build a modern crops markets, buy weighing scales to be placed in identified strategic areas, support the mobility of crop inspectors, address the water shortage and improving  roads for easy access to markets.