• Communiqué at the end of the consultative meeting between the Council of Governors and the Senate standing committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries held on 23rd October, 2020

    The Council of Governors together with the Senate Standing committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries have today, 23rd October, 2020 held a consultative meeting to deliberate on issues affecting the Agriculture sector. The meeting involved candid and objective discussions on challenges that have affected the sector since the onset of

  • Opportunity or Threat for farming amidst Covid-19 Crisis

    Corona virus infection is a pandemic that have affected the whole globe. Africa have not been spared by this pandemic with the vulnerability of its population posing a major challenge to their livelihoods. This is because most of the African Countries’ economy including Kenya are agriculture dependent. The pandemic has

  • Food supply chain and Covid-19: lessons from Wuhan, Hubei China.

    In dismay, the world’s attention was drawn to Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China where, by 29th February, 2020 the capital city of Hubei province had (according to researchers) 48,557 COVID 19 cases with the disease claiming the lives of 2169.  As dictated by most disaster situation, China government (s)

  • COVID 19 pandemic: Food Security is an important National Security issue

    According to the Ministry of health; general information about COVID-19 (http://www.health.go.ke/), Corona Virus Disease 2019) is a new respiratory illness that can easily be spread from person to person. It spread through contact with droplets produced by a person who is sneezing or coughing or contaminated surfaces or objects. It

  • Make agriculture attractive by making it pay, youths are interested.

    There has been a debate on the role of youth in agriculture and how to involve them in agriculture. However, inadequate focus has been channeled towards why majority of the youths have not adopted agriculture despite them being unemployed.  This article will critically assess the current situation of agriculture in

  • A revamped Kenyan cotton-textile-apparel industry or not?

    Nostalgic memories of great names like Rivatex, Raymonds and Kicomi are embedded in the hearts of many Kenyans.  High end products like blankets, towels, clothes and fabrics to name but a few, were belongings of high regard in the society and an envy of many.  Unfortunately, until recently, the Kenyan

  • Food Safety: A call to action now!

    The world’s population is tremendously rising, and so is the demand for food to feed the masses. It’s expected that the human population will more than double by 2050, creating an urgent need for Agricultural productivity to be increased to meet the dietary needs of human beings. The demand for

  • Policy Implementation: Unlocking the potential of Agricultural Development in Kenya

    The Constitution of Kenya, in its Fourth Schedule, provides for the Agricultural policy as a function of the National Government and devolves key components of agriculture including crop and animal husbandry, plant and animal disease control, fisheries and cooperatives. The Constitution affirms the right of every person to be free

  • Simple nutrition-sensitive agricultural practices – growing ginger spice.

    Nutrition is an important aspect in promoting good health and productivity of people in a society. Women have a special role to play in food and nutritional security of both their households and communities due to gender roles in making decisions and preparing meals for their families. There are different

  • Agriculture Industry Forum 2020

    Agriculture Industry Forum scheduled to be held on March 3 – 5, 2020. The Forum will be hosted at the Nairobi Hospital Convention Centre, located in the New Anderson Building. It will begin at 8.00am daily. The event will culminate in an excursion to the internationally acclaimed Githunguri Dairies Limited