Strengthening the enabling environment for transforming the potato value chain- SEETPVC

‘Strengthening the enabling environment for transforming the potato value chain- SEETPVC’ is a two year project supported by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) through Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK). The project aims at creating an enabling environment for implementation of the potato regulations by creating awareness, supporting harmonization of existing regulations to anchor potato regulations and building capacity for implementation.

The project will work with an initial of six pilot counties, that is, Nakuru, Narok, Nyandarua, Meru, Bungoma, and Elgeyo Marakwet through which lessons shall be drawn to support efforts towards institutionalization of the potato regulations in the other eight potato growing counties as well as inform implementation of the regulations at local, national and regional level.


Policy interventions for an enabling agriculture environment:

CAADP NSAs sensitization and monitoring of implementation progress

The Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) is “a pan-African framework to help countries critically review their own situations and identify investment opportunities with optimal impact and returns in the agriculture sector”. Inherent in this definition is the expectation of Non State Actors (NSA) to be more active in the generation and analysis of usable data and thereby play a critical role in planning, implementation and accountability in the CAADP process. The Agricultural Council of Kenya (AgCK) is a platform through which NSAs in Kenya coordinate their efforts towards progressive engagement with public sector to improve sector policy and practice, for the benefit of all the players and particularly the farmers. Inview of this, the Council has been sensitizing NSAs on the compact hence facilitating mutual accountability principle.  It has also been instrumental in coordinating NSAs to hold the government to account on the Malabo commitments.

Six value chains (Tea, coffee, cotton, fish, beef and sugarcane) stakeholders

Recently, the office of the President made a pronunciation to engage regularly with farmers and other non-state actors, in a forum dubbed Farmers Presidential Round Table (FPRT) where issues affecting the agriculture sector would be discussed and resolved. In response the AgCK has intensified consultations, with agriculture stakeholders. Specifically, a series of consultations have been convened to bring together key stakeholders under specific value chains to discuss, and prioritize the key issues affecting the sector. The issues identified at this stage would then be presented at the ministerial level for further discussions and concurrence before being tabled at the presidential round table.

In consultation with the relevant stakeholders, the following value chains were prioritized for consideration during the first convening of the Farmers Presidential Round Table: These are Tea, Coffee, Beef, Sugarcane, Cotton, and Fisheries.

ASDS review as a task force member and member of various thematic working groups

The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries is in the process of developing a new more responsive agriculture sector strategy that seeks to bench mark on the achievements of the just concluded Agriculture Sector Development Strategy while encompassing the realities and challenges facing the Kenyan agriculture. In cognizance of this and AgCk’s role in the sector, the Council has been appointed as a Task Force member representing the NSAs in this crucial process. Further to this, the Council’s membership is spread across the various thematic working groups working towards delivering the ambitious strategy. The Council has hence been holding wide consultations with various NSAs to ensure their views and perspectives are put into considerations.

AgCK membership to IGS representing the NSAs

In response to the devolved governance system as stipulated in the new constitution, there has been efforts by the efforts by the government towards coordination between the National and County governments so as to ensure concerted efforts free from duplication of roles and characterized by clarity in roles and synergistic relationships in delivery of agricultural services and goods to the farmers in the country. As such, a coordination mechanism by the name Intergovernmental Secretariat has been established and AgCK has been nominated to the JASCom to ensure the voices of the NSAs in the agriculture sector are well articulated within the coordination framework.

Three  (Youth in Agribusiness, Academia and Agro-dealers) policy dialogue consultations for three thematic working groups

In view of development of a new agriculture sector strategy and the mandates bestowed upon AgCK. The Council has gone forth to convene three of its member clusters: Youth in Agribusiness, Academia and Agro-dealers. This has been in efforts to ensure that the Council members clearly understand the need for the new strategy as well as provide their inputs for the strategy.